This is a one year structured and intensive skills acquisition training programme for technicians, craftsmen and artisans in Electrical, Solar and Inverter, Instrumentation and Control, Industrial Automation, Computer and Mobile phones,  HVAC and Industrial Safety.

This programme will run for a period of one year (12 months) comprising of 36 easy-to- understand MODULEs for non-graduates. Like the regular training it will be half day theory and half day practicals. This training will be divided into three quarters (each quarter comprises of 4 months) as follows:

1st Quarter: it will be based on three months internal training with 50% theoretical and 50%

practical classes and one month of field work experience

2nd Quarter: Same as first quarter

3rd Quarter: Same as first quarter

At the end of their third quarter the trainees will be assessed and then certified by the company.


The training curriculum of the  company for regular training is listed below. Each of these MODULEs runs for one week. A full program under regular training runs for a minimum of 3 months (12 weeks). Some, however could be extended to 6 months split sessions, 9 months and even (1) year depending most times on the availability, convenience, and most importantly ability of the trainee to learn and acquire knowledge fast enough.