In Nigeria, the growing problem of unemployment in the country has contributed largely to the worsening problem of poverty among the populace. Unemployment leads to frustration and disillusionment which may result in crime or drug abuse in a futile attempt to escape from and forget the pains and humiliation of poverty and lack.

The problem of unemployment has worsened as millions of school leavers and graduates of tertiary institutions have not secured gainful employment over the years. Unemployment has posed a serious problem not only to the welfare of individuals but also to that of their families.

Many able bodied and highly qualified persons who could not secure gainful employment have remained economically dependent on their parents. This is because they lack the necessary occupational skills to be self employed and to effectively function in today’s world of work. These occupational skills can be provided by technical and vocational education.

Technical education is that aspect of education that involves the acquisition of techniques and application of the knowledge of the science for the improvement of man’s surrounding. Technical and vocational education prepares one for the world of work with which the individual become reliant and can make contributions to the development of the society.

As employers look for new talents every year from new graduates, it is important to not only have a solid education but graduates that have features that stand out from the rest of the graduating trainees. With the economy being more globalized than ever, it is important to have a background and a skill set that allows graduates to become immersed in the global economy right from graduation. It is important for these trainees or graduates to have skills in innovation, technology, education and entrepreneurship to be ready to fit into the global market podium on which today’s economy stands.

As a result of these needs Kufman Technical Services Limited will be launching a one year practical intensive programme for graduates and non-graduates in fields like electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and control, computer engineering etc.